It’s Not Over

Jesus says,

“unless a kernel of wheat (a seed) falls to the ground and dies, it remains only a single seed. But if it dies, it produces many seeds.” John 12:24

If you have a garden you will know the process of nature. You plant seeds in the spring, you watch them flourish and flower through the summer, then Autumn hits, followed by winter, and what was planted dies.

But as we see from the scripture above, in death there is life, because what was planted produces seeds. Not one seed but a multitude.

I’ve mentioned before that God placed a vision on my heart, a seed was sown and creativity flourished, however there was a time when I knew it would have to die for it to be what God wanted it to be.

If you have dreams and visions that have died a death, you may wonder, “was that it?” “Has it come and gone?” “Have I missed it?” But be reassured that life is like a garden. There are cycles and seasons. Yes some things end and there is a time of pruning and cutting off, but if there is still a flicker of something deep in your spirit that says, “it’s not over” then I encourage you to keep pursuing that seed which God has put on your heart.



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  1. Your message has been comiing to me for a lifetime. I have been waiting and not knowing I was waiting. This message is just for me.
    In its short punchy little way , I heard and felt His spirit leap inside me. It was just for a few moments, just like when a baby moves inside when your pregnant. When I became a Christian God left this word deep in my spirit. I have always thought it meant that because I died to self and give Him my life, I would be fruitful. I have waited and waited. I have accepted the mediocrity of my christianity.
    Today you have encouraged me to keep pursuing the dream I have even though I am 64yrs. Your message is what I have been waiting for. It explains this scripture which I have always claimed as mine,
    Thank you for just being available for Holy Spirit to use you.
    This has change my walk with Daddy God today.
    I am not too old. I did not get it wrong. It’s all about seasons and growth and harvest. I did not get it wron, I did not miss it, It is not over.

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