Believe & Confess For Kids!

My blogs have been on pause for a season whilst I’ve been concentrating on a couple of other writing projects. One being a kids version of “Believe & Confess” for 7-11 year olds. (Purchase your copy HERE.)

Recently my son went through a season of being scared at night.  I guess this is fairly normal for any child to face, but this gave me the idea to re-write some of the confessions of faith from my first book specifically for children.

God’s Word is powerful and when we speak it out it’s like a sword in our hands against the enemy.

Below is one of the declarations my son Zach has been repeating each night and now he knows it off-by-heart.  I would love you to download this FREE sample and try it out on your kids. I would also love your feedback to see how it has helped your child.  I know it has helped my son enormously.

You can download and print an A4 copy to stick on your child’s bedroom wall HERE.


PS…listen to my son Zach share how this declaration has helped him

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  1. To Zack and Zacks mummy, Grace and I reallly like your you tube video! It inspired us to learn the beautiful scripture off by heart too! So we can share it in the car! We like the idea of the children’s devotional book to help us do this! Thank you Zack for over coming your fear and using this to encourage others! Gemma and Grace x

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