A Divine Partnership

When God spoke to me about writing blogs, I quite quickly dismissed the idea, but as so often happens, His voice kept persisting like waves on the seashore.  So I started to write. Little did I know that this would lead me to write this book.

“A Fusion Of Humanity & Divinity” will take you on a journey from understanding the sources of our shattered and selfish humanity, and how we can receive God’s free gift of salvation. To walk in true freedom from the thinking and behaviours that hinder our union with God, and how to become one with God through His merciful promises and power.

My friend Roma Waterman kindly wrote the foreword for me after reading this book and this is what she says:

“This book reveals the beauty of what can take place when our fragile human frame merges with the sacred. Our lives and His, intertwined in both glory and imperfection. His trust revealed in and through our weakness. We have no excuse but to heed His call when our limitations are confronted with His transcendence.

Victoria’s writing enables complex thoughts to emerge as simple truths. She has a way of explaining the divine in a language of humble simplicity. This makes ”A fusion of humanity and divinity” easy to understand and apply which is why I highly recommend this book.

I believe the Creator is giving you an invitation to partner with His divine nature as you turn the pages and consume these inspired words. Friend, eat until you are full- the meal presented before you is easy on the palette and will also nourish your soul.

If you are swimming in a sea of limitations, if you doubt if your ability is enough…let these words remind you of the beauty that is born when we choose to partner with the hand of Heaven. Let His arm reach deep into your heart and reorder and align you for His passion and purpose!

In a world where thoughts, troubles and unexpected circumstances can deplete your inner resource, allow the principles laid out in this book to fill you up so that you will have enough to stand tall and strong until you are overflowing.

You were made for more. You were made to shine His magnificence. Learn to surrender your humanity to His divinity as a daily, important ritual as you ponder the thoughts on these pages. ”

Roma Waterman
Award-winning Songwriter
Worship leader, speaker, Author
Founder – HeartSong Creative Academy 

Humanity & Divinity


I pray that this book will help you to understand God’s Divine plan to partner with you, to grasp that through Jesus Christ, His Divine nature lives in you.


You can PREORDER this book for just £6 and you will be one of the first to receive a signed copy on its release in May 2019.

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